Study programme_Erasmus

PWSZ in Wałcz offers full time and extramural Bachelor's and engineering programmes:


1. Pedagogy with early - school education focused on educating teachers for the integrated preschool or primary education, 
2. Early education and special pedagogy - preparing educators able to work with young children with developmental disorders or at risk of disabilities. 
3. Pedagogy of child and youth care and re-socialization  focused on educating social workers able to deal with difficult adolescents and  juveniles,
4. Pedagogy of elderly care and geragogy (eldergogy) focused on educating social workers able to deal with all the life difficulties and complexity concerning the elderly 

Individual subjects, enable students to acquire broad knowledge in the spheres of pedagogy, history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, as well as expertise related to the chosen specialty. This knowledge is verified in practice, ensuring the acquisition of pedagogical skills and competencies needed to work in kindergartens,   primary   schools, special schools, specialist clinics, health care, and social institutions. The final degree open the possibility and prepares for the continuation of the second education cycle in Pedagogy or related fields.

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1. Industrial logistics 
2. Programming for machine tools and technological devices
3. Management of automatic production systems 

The mission of the Polytechnic Institute is to educate highly qualified engineers, according to the latest knowledge and technical achievements in the field of production engineering. The Institute is stocked with modern teaching equipment and software. The learning process is carried out by experienced staff who conduct their own research and cooperate with research centers.

Students of Management and Production Engineering graduate with an engineer's degree. Graduates are prepared to manage manufacturing processes, organization and management of the staff, as well as to coordinate teams, participate in the completion and implementation of research and development, especially relating to technological and organizational innovation. They are prepared for the work of organizational and technical advising in their selected specialties.

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1. Personal security and property protection 
2. Physical education teaching with additional specialization in remedial exercises. 

Graduates will be prepared to work in teaching and education, in security, the promotion of healthy   behaviors,  self-organization, physical   activity   with social groups or individual clients.
The undoubted highlight of this course is a summer sports camp, which includes such attractions as kayaking classes, an athletic field and swimming in open waters. Depending on the specialization, students participate in a number of internships, including at in schools, sports clubs, sports and recreation centers.
Graduates of the Institute of Physical Education can continue their studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Health Promotion.

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1.    Banking 
2.    e-Finance 
3.    Public administration management
4.    Accounting for managers 

Studies in Finance and Accounting are designed to provide knowledge of: corporate finance, accounting, banking, insurance, investments, stock market, tax, public finance, local government finance, management and marketing. The learning process draws attention to the creation of self-reliance and responsibility, which is necessary for people who want to do business independently.

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1.    The Internet Technologies 
2.    IT systems for management 

Studies in Information Science in Business and Administration is designed to provide students with basic knowledge of computer science in the wider context of management and business. In addition, the course will provide graduates with the knowledge of practical applications of tools for supporting business processes.

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1.    Local Government Administration 
2.    Administration for Public and National Security

Administration ? studies designed to provide knowledge of the system of Polish and European laws, ways of managing local and regional affairs, crisis management, and dealing with bureaucracy. It educates future clerks, officers and experts in local and governmental administration.

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